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  1. Legal consultation to business, families and individuals
  2. Preparation, review, revision and witness of contracts and legal documents
  3. Act on negotiating, licensing and dialogue on account of IP infringements (patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.), and attending to civil and criminal prosecutions thereof
  4. Labor disputes, work related incidents, medical disputes, construction cases, traffic accidents, marital and parent-child cases, inherence and will, acquisition, sale and lease matter, fair trade cases and consumer protection issues
  5. Civil litigation agent, criminal litigation defense, complaint, escort to police stations and/or juridical authorities to be presence at interrogation, juvenile criminals, etc.
  6. Agent for oppositions, responses, invalidation trials, appeals and administrative suits
  7. Act in non-litigation instances, such as provisional seizure and disposal, order of payment, disposal of promissory notes and enforcement
  8. Provide legal advice, drafting of legal documents, reconcilement and post-certified letters and issuance of lawyer’s letters with legal opinions
  9. Give seminars, lectures and courses in fields of IP regulations and laws and other legal know-how
  10. Other legal services


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